5 essential moisturizing steps Japanese women follow that you should too

Science has proven that moisturized skin is the key to anti-ageing. And with meticulous nature, love of beauty and sophistication in life, Japanese women practice 5 moisturizing steps every day to preserve their youthfulness.

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STEP 1: Clean skin with gentle products

Whether using makeup or not, Japanese women often apply two steps of dual cleansing and makeup remover every night. In terms of face washing, they prefer to use gentle milk, to clean without losing the natural moisture in the skin, so the skin is still hydrated after washing. This is a secret that not everyone knows. The more powerful the facial cleanser is, the purer the skin becomes.

In the evening, Japanese women attach great importance to cleansing the skin to help nourish healthy skin and to prevent bacteria from penetrating the pores that produce acne.

They combine exfoliates from 1-2 times a week to remove the outside layer on the skin to help the next steps to promote the effect much better.

STEP 2: Use toner/lotion to balance the skin

This is an important step to deep clean and moisturize to help soften the skin and balance the PH level on the skin. This toner/lotion is also considered as a moisturizing buffer, helping the skin to absorb essences better.

Japanese people usually use low-alcohol toner/lotion right after washing their face while the skin is still not too dry. In the process of moisturizing the skin, don’t forget to use your hands to pat the cheeks and forehead.  This step helps improve blood circulation and helps the nutrients to warm up until gradually absorbed into the skin.

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You need to use a cotton pad for this step to help skin deep clean and moisturize (Photo: BeautyReview)

Lotion masks are a famous Japanese moisturizing secret created by Ms. Chizu Saeki – a very famous beauty expert in Japan. Just use a cotton pad, dampen it, apply a few drops of lotion and apply on your face for 3 minutes, then follow the next steps as usual. Your skin will be hydrated and become more moisturized than usual.

STEP 3: Moisturize with serum or special treatment

Serum (essence) is an important step for Japanese skincare. Serum is usually loose, lightweight. It can go deeper into the inner layers of the skin epidermis. The serum is specially formulated to help repair specific skin problems. Therefore, you cannot lack serum if you want to fix skin problems such as intensive moisturization to improve dry or oily skin or overcome acne or dark spots on the skin. The serum will work best when combined with lotion or cream.

STEP 4: Lotion (emulsion)

Emulsion (some brands call lotion) is a liquid and lighter form of lotion, so it can provide moisture to the skin very quickly. The lotion is great for summer or oily skin. Emulsion is also often used in the morning as a moisturizer before applying makeup to make skin moisturized but not as heavy as a cream.

STEP 5: Moisturizer

A moisturizer (cream) is also called a moisturizing lock. This is the last step to help make the whole process effective. A cream that is the densest texture in the moisturizer and has the best moisturizing ability should be used as the final step to lock in previous moisturizing steps. Therefore, the moisturizing content in creams is the highest. Apply lotion after the serum and emulsion steps. There are many premium Japanese lotions you can choose from. However, experts recommend that you understand skin, skin condition to choose the right one.

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Concentrated moisturizer, which helps lock moisture in the skin, making the skin smooth and supple (Image: BeautyReview)

You should also know more:

Mask: apply a moisturizing mask or lotion mask once a week to help skin absorb maximum moisture. Brighter skin, firm, smooth, pores.

Facial massage machines: Japanese women make the most of beauty technology. Massage machines help increase blood circulation, increases the production of natural collagen, binds tissues, and fills wrinkles on the skin. The skin will be firm and smooth.

Eye cream: Eye area skin is thinner, more dry and sensitive than other areas. Eyes must work up to create wrinkles, dark circles, puffiness. So moisturize your eyes with a special cream that will help the eye area look youthful.

Sun protection: This is an extremely important step to protect all your skincare effort you practice every day. Good sunscreen helps anti aging, and reduces black pigmentation.

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